Apricots mark our 3rd house anniversary

Our apricots

For the first time in three years our apricot tree produced fruit! Goes to show what a great deal of pruning, a little TLC & fertilizer plus the right weather conditions can do for a tree.

Apricot Harvest 2012

And not just a few apricots. Bags and bags full. I forgot how quickly these little guys ripen.

Freezing Apricots

Nate was upset with the amount of fruit flies that appeared after I left a large bowl full of fruit out. So I had to get resourceful. I gave a bunch to our neighborhood baker. Then I froze four baking sheets for smoothies and just eating frozen this summer.

Nate and Andrea

This Tuesday marks our third anniversary in this concrete house. Besides revitalizing our neglected apricot tree, we’ve accomplished a few more projects this year. Here’s some of my favorites I’ve written about on the blog.

Installing a new Back Fence
Updated the Dining Table
The Rat/Mouse Incident
No Plastic Bags 2012
Removed the Roses
Nate & Pixel the Moth Hunters
Repainted the Back Porch
Planted the Front and Back Porch Beds
Killed Paper Wasps
Removed the Great Rook Ceiling
Decluttered like Mad

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