Spring Moments and Memories

Usually I do a monthly favorites post, but since it’s now April 10th I am calling this installment my Spring favorites. What can I say. Here’s my most favorite memories from the last few months.

Demo feels good

Demo in the bathroom

Between the prison bath and the ceiling in the great room, we’ve been kicking some DIY a$$. Boy does it feel good to cause destruction especially on that hideous bathroom.

Of course, putting the rooms back together is also a lot of fun. It just takes a bit longer. 🙂 We are still working on both projects.

Birthdays rock

Birthday cake

I celebrated my 35th birthday in early February. I won’t lie. It was a tough one, but I decided to just run with it.

Birthday cake #2

Of course it helped to not just get one, but TWO cakes from Nate.

Teagan and UNCLE Nate

And a little niece who dressed up in her party dress for me.

Instagram – Photo of the Day

Our girl cat is very loud in the morning

I have been all over Instagram this Spring. Of course they made big news yesterday with their $1 billion acquisition by Facebook.

For me, Instagram is the easiest way to post photos from my phone to social networks and flickr.

Reusing paint swatches as #color decor at my desk. #photoadayapril #colour

Plus, there are lots of amazing people using the app. It’s easy to find inspiration scrolling through the live feed. I love Chantelle’s (go check her blog out) Photo a Day project. It adds that bit of creativity to my normal work week which sometimes I desperately need.

Didn't think our #tiny orange cat could squeeze through this tiny hole. I was so wrong.#photoadayapril

Instagram is the perfect way to post all the silly things that happen around the house on a daily basis like Loki getting stuck behind the bathtub (story coming soon). I just can’t get enough.

Judgement Bunnies

Cee-lo and the Judgement Bunnies

I have said it before and I will say it again – I love the $1 bin section at Target! I have found some of the best stuff while sifting through the bins.

My latest find are these two pink bunnies for $2.00. Each looks cute and innocent on its own, but when you pair them together you get nothing by sarcasm and mischief. Meet the Judgement Bunnies.

Twin bunnies sitting there judging us

Currently the twin bunnies sit under out TV watching our every move. We’ve been having a lot of fun personifying what they are saying about us during our evening programs.


Adie comes over for dinner and The Voice every Tuesday. We get nothing but sass from the twins about the show. They really don’t like some of the contestants (especially this one). 🙂

Mustache March

I try and talk to this guy everyday #marchphotoaday

It happens every March. The winter beard is shaved into Nate’s infamous mustache.

Nate and Larry

Here’s a photos with a fellow teacher near the end of the month. I wanted to show you the 2012 ‘stache in all its glory. Bet you are excited.


And that wraps up the Spring favorites. I’ll be back (in a couple of weeks) with our April edition.


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