Backyard cleanup


It’s Spring Break! Nate’s off and I am working. (There’s just a skeleton crew at the office, it’s actually a nice week to catch up on work.)

We’re waiting for few details to get moving on the next stage of our bathroom, so I wasn’t sure if Nate was going to work on the house on Monday. It turned out to be a beautiful Spring day. Nate must have been inspired because he did a big number on the backyard.

Proud gardener

I arrived home to find a very proud, satisfied Nate and a manicured backyard.

Nate's backyard cleanup

Our neglected backyard was all tidy. The pool was cleaned.

Nate's backyard cleanup

The side yard was mowed and edged.

Nate's backyard cleanup

Nate weeded and removed all last season’s dead foliage.

Nate's backyard cleanup

Our future back patio was raked and ready to go.

My Cleveland Sage is doing so well

And our plants were watered and ready for the warm weather.

To say I was surprised and delighted is an understatement. My man rocks. I am ready to get new plants into the ground and our patio in. Oh wait, gotta finish that bathroom first…


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