Bathroom Remodel: Shower no more

Prison Shower

After gutting the bathroom a few weeks ago, Nate and I had to make the decision of what to do with the stand alone shower.

Shower Issues

Prison Bathroom - View of the shower

It’s an awkward space. There’s about two feet of clearance into the shower between the sink and the wall.

Step into shower and sink area

Plus you have to step up into the shower over a tiled ledge. This ledge happens to be quite tall and with the clearance issue it just screams “tripping hazard” to me.

Prison Bathroom - Shower

Once you get into the shower, it’s very dark. The soap dish is way to high and there is no easy way to add any shelving so shampoos and body wash have to be on the shower floor.

We also need to replace the leaky shower fixture, but it would be very difficult to do. The original plumbing is enclosed between the bathroom and kitchen and totally inaccessible at this point. (We plan on taking a good look at the plumbing when we remodel our kitchen.) So we could just replace the fixture, but it would be difficult to change out the hot and cold water knobs.

Our Decision

Wall between shower and hallway

With all these issues, the shower just doesn’t make much sense in the prison bath. So we have decided to re-purpose it as a closet.

Hallway wall we will convert to a closet

Our plan is to sheetrock over the shower opening in the bathroom and add a closet door that opens from our hallway. (The door will be right where the mirror is above.)

Since we want our guests to still have the convenience of a shower, we’ll then add a shower to our existing tub with a fixture like this.

Shower to Closet Convert Plan

Removing tile

1) Remove the tile from the shower
2) Cap the plumbing
3) Cut opening in hallway
4) Install a pre-hung closet door
5) Sheet rock over original shower entryway
6) Finish inside of closet
7) Add shelving, etc.

Empty shower cavern

The first step took Nate two weekends to complete. That tile was a monster to take out, but Nate just kept banging on it till it gave in. I took some video I hope to upload this weekend on his progress.

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