January Favorites & regret

January sped by like a bullet train. (Woooo! WOOOOO!) Here’ my four favorite moments of the month and one regret.

1) Downtown Abbey


I love a good British drama and this one is particularly good. Makes me want to watch Masterpiece Theater on a regular basis.

2. Lucky Brand Buddha Beer


I have a soft spot for a good-looking bottle. This one is just a keeper. I plan on enjoying every one and then displaying the bottles for all to see.

3) Organizing and throwing crap out


I’ve been doing lots of organizing this month. I started with throwing out fifty things. Then I cleaned out our back wall of closets and went through the medicine cabinet. I still have more to do, but it was a great start.

4) Funniest group text ever



My family is a little nutty. We had a ridiculous round of texts where 4 out of the 5 were sitting around a table together and taking pictures of each other.

Regret – Not posting more.


What can I say? I have been turned off a little lately, but have grand plans for the future. More than anything I just want a little consistency in my blogging.

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