What a lovely holiday

Lovely holiday 2012

It’s been a perfect two week holiday break for me (one of the perks of the new job). I was able to celebrate, relax and get a few things done around the house. What else could a girl ask for?

Memorable moments of December

I am a Christmas girl. I love the whole build up to the 25th. This year, it was really nice to have the time to enjoy all of it. Here’s my top five favorite things.

Decorations happened early


Once Thanksgiving is over, I am ready to start decorating for Christmas.

Decorating the tree

This year, I was able to have the perfect decorating schedule and get the tree up that first week of December.

Front room decor

At our house, the front room gets most of the focus. This year I added glittery stars to the mirrors along with the usual vintage ornaments in my glass lamp bases.

Coffee table decor

My coffee table got a backdrop of handmade Indian paper under the glass with a tray of some of my favorite ornaments and books on top.

Dining area decor

Another vase of ornaments found it’s way onto the dining table. Most of my ornaments are vintage from my grandmothers but I have supplemented with ornaments mostly from Cost Plus World Market. I seem to gravitate there for Christmas stuff more than any other time of the year.


Not one, but two dining tables

Moved the dining table

And speaking of dining tables, we moved the recently updated table into the back of the great room. The size of the table works really well here.

Chrome Table

In it’s place, we moved my maternal grandmother’s table out of my office and into the dining nook.

View from the side

It has a slimmer frame which works really well since the “dining nook” is really the passageway to the back of the house.

Chrome legs

The table has a crazy marbled laminate on top and curvy chrome legs. We are still looking for proper chairs for it and probably switch out the rug.

Cleaning chrome

It amazes me how much chrome we have in this house. Luckily I am now a chrome cleaning expert and got the legs nice and shiny.


A gift of two amazing (cat) ornaments

Pixel Kitten

One Saturday, my parents showed up with a present that couldn’t wait until Christmas. They gave us two ornaments. One for each of our cats. Pixel’s was very cute and playful…

Mariachi Loki

… while Loki’s made me laugh for days. It’s strangely reminiscent of his personality… if he was a mariachi.


My amaryllis bloomed on Christmas Eve


I picked up a amaryllis at IKEA this year.


I planted it in a white square pot from an old floral arrangement I had and watched the bloom daily.


I has my fingers crossed that it would open in time for our Christmas Eve dinner.


Only hours before dinner, it emerged. What a Christmas miracle. It’s still blooming weeks later.


Two days of merriment with loved ones

Merry Christmas!

There was a little of a Christmas shuffle this year, but it worked out nicely. Everyone was able to take a piece of the hosting duties and minimize that frazzled, stressed out holiday feeling you can get from too many expectations.

Christmas Eve entertaining

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner for both Nate and my family. I kept it simple with tri-tip salad, hot spiced shrimp and potatoes. I also served these awesome retro sodas with fun glasses and striped straws for the non-drinkers of the family.


Then, we drove over to my sister’s for Christmas morning for presents and brunch. One of my presents to Nate was a small pet carrier that he is wearing in the picture above. We haven’t tried it out yet, but I plan to video tape the maiden voyage. Could be a whole lot of crazy.


Then that afternoon, my parents hosted Christmas dinner for the extended family. It was really nice and lovely. Everything a Christmas Day should be.

Alright! Time for me to get moving on some projects. I have a whole list of to-do’s to accomplish before I go back to work next week.


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