August Favorites and Regret

Every month I do a recap of my favorite moments of the month and one regret. I can’t believe it is already the middle of September. Where have the days gone? Well, without further excuse, here’s my August list.


Caught flowers in the vibrams

Catching flowers

This was the coolest thing. I walked along Highway 101 and caught dandelions in my Vibram FiveFingers. I know. They are not the cutest shoes, but they have changed my whole perception of running. Definitely check them out!


Old grungy hat

Nate gets a brand new hat

Nate has had this Adidas hat since 2005. It’s seen better days. After countless trips to all the local hat stores, Nate finally found a brand that fits.

The new hats fit

The Forty Seven Brand XL hat fit right and is large enough for his noggin without needing an adjustable band on the back. Double score. He bought three hats, but this Dodgers one is his favorite. With his new frames, the boy is set for a couple of years.


Sarah Richardson watching

Sarah 101

I think Sarah Richardson is amazing. I have watched so many of her shows over the years, but the concept of Sarah 101 is the best. I don’t always agree with her aesthetics but I learn so much from each episode. So far I have kept the Big Box Kitchen episode on my DVR for our kitchen remodel brainstorming. It’s good stuff.


iphone_080511 144


The family has been playing lots of scrabble this summer. It’s a good group to play with. We are competitive, but also have lots of laughs at Nate’s attention to the official rules, my Mom’s word choices, Adie’s savvy, my Dad’s concentration and my losing streak. We even broke out the board during our latest camping trip.


The Regret

082411 022

Wasp spray

Without a doubt, killing our wasp nest was an awful experience. It was the right decision, but I certainly regret having to do it. Luckily, we haven’t seen any more since the spray.

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