Best of July

Every month I do a recap of my favorite moments of the month and one regret. Here’s my month of July. 🙂



Farmers Market

I finally rode my bike to the Sunday Farmers Market and filled my basket with fresh produce and herbs. I had been vowing to do this for months and Dagny and I finally took the initiative.

Little Teagan

Toddler Teagan

This little one started calling me “ANT-EE” and Nate “NEAT.” Her vocab is growing every day. As my first niece or nephew, it’s been a thrill for her to call me by name, grab my hand and ask to be pushed on the swing.

Wine Rebate

Rebate Check

Remember my amazing wine deal at CVS? Well, I got my refund check! Yep, $25.00 payable to me making the deal completely legit.


New Frames

After months of super glued glasses, Nate finally got a new pair. He is now rocking a pair of Paul Frank tortoiseshell frames.

One good & sad moment


US vs. Japan

The Women’s World Cup Finals were disappointing for us rooting for the US team…


but I think we all felt okay with losing to Japan. Their fans were so much fun and I did smile after seeing them celebrate.

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