Back to basics: Concrete house construction

Today starts a series of posts on concrete. We start off with a proper introduction to our concrete house that I never had a chance to do at the beginning. It’s a little different than a wood framed structure.

Concrete house

We live in a concrete house that was built in 1952.

060410_ 014

Our home was built on a concrete slab.

Concrete block construction

The walls are made of concrete blocks.

Flat roof

The roof is flat.

Original concrete floors

Inside the floors are polished concrete.

Front Room - Painting

Our walls are painted concrete blocks.

Wood panel ceiling

Our ceiling is made of wood paneling.


Water pipes run across the roof and along the sides of the house.

Old electrical plug

Electrical cables run above the ceiling panels and in the walls through the hollow of the blocks.


To heat the house we use two gas heaters.

Air Conditioning Cover

To cool the house down, we open windows and doors. We also have one AC unit if it gets really warm.

Concrete house

We knew little about concrete block homes before we purchased, but have learned more with every project we work on. So next up, I’ll go over the nuances of concrete houses and how we have worked with them.

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