65 feet of lumber: rebuilding our back fence

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Our whole backyard seems to be one giant project these days. I feel its one of those puzzles with one movable piece you use to arrange all the other pieces into order so they make a picture. Every piece is dependent on each other to fit correctly.

Rotten fence

It made sense to focus on the back fence before the concrete patio or the landscaping projects. It made sense to fix it first to get it out of the way.

Although the fence was still intact, all the supports had rotted through. It was only standing up because it was supported by our neighbor’s trees and a telephone poll. The trees were actually the second part of the project. They needed a big trim to keep them off the new fence and to allow more light into our yard.

Three bids and a friend

There were two ways for us to fix the fence. Hire a fencing company or do it ourselves.

We contacted three Angie’s List vendors ( a great resource for finding vendors) for bids to get an idea of pricing options. Going with a fencing company can save you a lot of time. These guys are extremely efficient, but you do pay for the convenience of getting a fence installed in a short amount of time.

Nate called around to get an idea of what fencing supplies would cost us if we did it ourselves. We realized we could save a lot of money this way, but neither of us had ever built a fence before. We just didn’t feel very comfortable attempting it, so in the end we hired a friend to help us install the fence. This still saved us money, but gave us more peace of mind that it would last.

The final step was getting buy in from our neighbors behind us to split the cost and we were good to go with the project. We decided on our start date and headed to get supplies.

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