June Favorites and Regret

Why does June seem so long ago? Crazy how fast the summer goes…

The Favorites


How is your garden growing? Mine sprung to life in June. I was able to harvest tons of chard, carrots, radishes and beets before it got too warm. Now we just have two cherry tomatoes under the fig tree. Fingers crossed they do okay.


Last Day of School = Summer for Nate. The end of school is always a little stressful for a teacher. It was also the last day he taught in his first classroom. Next year he moves to a different room in a different building.


Anyone else watch the lunar eclipse on YouTube? The center point of Earth’s shadow passed across the Moon in the eclipse which wikipedia tells me is a relatively rare central lunar eclipse. The eclipse was only visible in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia so I was glad that YouTube was broadcasting it live.


Besides hosting a Father’s Day dinner at our house, the cats got Nate a card. Pixel is working on her “p”s. I can’t believe they make father’s day cards for cats, but then again I did buy it.

1 Regret

June 28th in Sacto

Guess this isn’t technically a regret, but was depressing. A big rain storm blew through Sacramento the last week of June. Our local fireworks stand flooded.

Luckily, as soon as the storm passed the water dried up and everything was lovely for the Fourth. Glad I got a photo of it though, this is as crazy as the weather gets here in Sacramento.

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