Back Porch Update: Painting window trim and planting flower beds

These last few weeks, I keep repeating this mantra in my head so I stay on task with the home projects –

Must finish the list before working on back patio. Must finish the list before working on back patio.

So far, its keeping me honest. I am hoping to be done with most of them in the next week or two.

Planting the patio beds

Focus on the back porch

Over the last two weekends, in between rain storms, we’ve been working on the back porch. Yes, we have a back porch and soon to have a back patio. Hope that’s not too confusing! Back porch is the outdoor space sandwiched between the great room, front room and our bedroom. Back porch will be directly behind the great room next to the pool.


Window Trim

First we started by sanding down and painting the window trim surrounding our back porch. Since we replaced all the windows last year, we had decided to wait and paint the trim once the new windows were installed. Most of the trim hasn’t been painted in years. We gave it a good two coats of Kilz’s primer to seal that unprotected wood.

Painting the concrete

Next we painted two coats of Behr’s Frost, our favorite trim color.


Underneath the windows, we had a section of unfinished concrete that also needed some attention. I primed and painted it the house color.

Planting the patio beds

New Flowers

With most of the painting completed, we added flowers back to the beds after a a winter without.

Planted patio

Instead of Nate’s beloved Alyssum, we went for two new annuals.


Mexican Evening Primrose (Oenothera berlandieri Twilight) a low-growing perennials that’s very popular here. It can become invasive to other plants so we will have to keep it in check.


Along with the Evening Primrose, we planted Helichrysum Icicles (called the licorice plant). Its a part sun – sun annual which is drought tolerant and considered low maintenance. I think it’s a nice contrast to the primrose. We’ve been watered them well so they get nicely established before our potentially hot and dry summer.


Porch Color

Finally, our last immediate project is to repaint the porch and this time seal it.


I got six samples of Martha Stewart in the purply blues and maroons.

From left to right: Claret (MSL027), Blueberry Pie (MSL190), Weathervane (MSL196), Chianti (MSL183), Griddle (MSL194) and Purple Elderberry (MSL193).


We wanted to test them out properly this time. I applied a couple swatches around the porch to see how they looked with a little grime and dirt on them. Funny thing is once I got all the swatches painted, it started to rain. It was perfect timing for a test run. Horrible timing for Memorial Day.

After much discussion we decided we liked Chanti the best. Hopefully by the end of this weekend we can paint the porch. We want the sealant to cure for at least 24 hours so we’ll take of that either Sunday night or Monday.

And on the personal front

It’s safe to say I need to invest in more band-aids. Nate and I both had run-ins with sharp objects recently.

Pixel got me

I scared Pixel into scratching my neck (totally my fault) during the flower installation.


Nate cut his finger with a razor blade while working on the windows.

Oh well. I am glad these accidents didn’t result in a trip to the Urgent Care!! That’s progress.

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