On to shed organization


Did you know that we don’t have a garage, basement nor an attic? Concrete block construction and a flat roof leave little space for any of those things. So our backyard shed is the only place for us to store tools, paint and seasonal decorations outside.


The shed is a cool structure. It could easily be converted into a cabana or bar for the summertime. It has two giant sliding barn doors and even a light.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t fare so well during the winter months. Rain floods the ground and recently the roof has begun to leak. We even had a bunch of fungi this year.


We have grand plans to perhaps add an attic and/or convert our carport to a garage in the future. Until that happens, we are making the best of our shed.

The roof will be repaired this summer and with a bunch of reorganization we hope to avoid more disasters this year.

summer_ 290

Nate took the responsibility of organizing the shed last week during his first few days of summer vacation. It was a mess and pretty difficult to maneuver.


Now, everything has its place and is labeled.


The left side has all our holiday decorations, camping gear, ice chests, tools and pool supplies. We have organized all our parts based on project so we can actually find something when we are looking for it.


All our extra paint, gardening tools and lawnmower sit on the right side.


Nate was able to recycle tons of cardboard and many odds and ends we have been holding onto “in case we needed them” them.


As the household hoarder (Nate’s term not mine), I went through my own boxes of childhood stuff and consolidated them down to two.

I found my inherited silverware set that I thought was lost, chuckled over my dragon Halloween costume from college and marveled at the many labeled boxes of thimbles I have from my grandmother (above).


The best part is all my favorite children’s books now have a home inside along with a few other keepsakes like my chunk of amethyst (my birthstone) and a ceramic mouse my mom made me. It makes me feel good to incorporate all these memories into my current home.

Iridescent snack set

I also found this iridescent snack set I picked up in college. I don’t think I have ever seen a snack set as beautiful as this one. It went straight into the dishwasher so I can use it soon.

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