Making a little sunshine: Tips for making pillow covers


The first weekend of June was rather uneventful on thee ol’ project list at Casa Concrete.

While we watched the rain fall onto our unfinished back porch and in our vacant pool, I got a few things done around the house.

I decided that when the sunny weather finally arrives, our front room will be ready to party. On the queue, some bright colored details and new flowers … maybe a summer scented candle or two. πŸ™‚

First up was making two new yellow pillows for the sofa. They took a little of the rainy weekend doldrums away from me.


I made them out of a pack of cloth napkins and two IKEA pillow inserts. I love the Moorish yellow pattern on these napkins I found at Target a while back. They are a nice compliment to my permanent turquoise accessories in the room.


There are many tutorials on the web for making pillows so I won’t go into one here, but I do have three sewing tips my mom taught me that (if I follow) keep me out of trouble.

#1) Always pre-wash your fabric to avoid the material shrinking afterwards.

This is a surprisingly hard thing (for me) to remember. I get too excited about starting the sewing project that I forgot to throw the fabric into the washer. And trust me, it’s much better to throw the uncut fabric into to the washer than cut pattern pieces. That doesn’t really work out too well.

#2) Once the fabric is dry, take the time to iron it.

Having straight edges is pretty important in sewing – so take the time to iron out your fabric. This just makes every cut that much straighter and every seam that much tighter.


#3) Don’t rush even a simple project.

Spend the time to put your project together correctly. Be present. This is a problem I have all the time with sewing. I have a tendency to try and speed through the project only to realize I just sewed the wrong sides together!

Adding the extra details like a little Velcro to make the pillowcase washable is also worth it. It takes a couple more minutes to execute, but it will come in handy after many evening BBQs.


I think sewing can be very rewarding. I have a checkered past with it, but I really want to get over my hang ups.

The rained out weekend could have been a total bummer, but I think I got a little bit of happiness out of it after all!

Happy Monday All!

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