Happy summer. Let’s eat.

School's Out....

I know today’s the official beginning of summer, but last Friday marked our own summer starter. After weeks of term papers and finals, Friday was the end of Nate’s school year. The end of school can be a stressful period in a teacher’s year. Our whole household was ecstatic to see that he was finally done and could relax!

So what did we do? We celebrated a whole bunch of things including Father’s Day at our house.

Saturday – Birthday Potluck

I got up early, ran errands and prepped all my proteins for Sunday’s BBQ. I made a rub for the steak and a marinade for the chicken. I also made up a spinach salad to bring with us to our evening birthday party for my brother-in-law.


Spinach & Strawberry Salad


4 handfuls of baby Spinach
2 cups of sliced Strawberries
1/2 a English Cucumber sliced

Shallot Dressing:

1 shallot chopped
4 tbsp Apple Vinegar
4 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper


Wash all produce well and let dry. Combine dressing in a blender to emulsify. Hull and thinly slice the strawberries. Peel the cucumber and slice into small sections. Combine all produce. Mix in dressing right before you eat.

Kevin’s birthday party was a great success. We had a great time watching the little cousins chase each other around.


Sunday – Father’s Day

Grilled Steak with Garlic Butter

This year we hosted Father’s Day. I was so excited to have our families over that I went a little crazy. I made a peach pie from scratch and then grilled a mixed plate of proteins. BUT I think the Dads really enjoyed my effort.

Father’s Day Menu

Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks with Mediterranean Rub (Recipe @ Epicurious)

Pretty Chicken Thighs (Marinade @ All Recipes)

Grilled Salmon

Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob (Tyler Florence via Food Network)

Green Salad

Summer Peach Pie w/ Vanilla and Cardamom (Epicurious)

Grilled Chicken Thighs IMG_7590

Grilling chicken is a new thing for me. I am more of a fish and red meat griller. I went with a bone-in chicken thigh because I’ve heard they are hard to screw up. There was a few flame flair-ups, but the chicken turned out juicy in the end.

Salmon on the Grill

I seasoned the salmon fillet with a little Montreal Seasoning and oil. Then placed it skin side down over low to medium heat. Once it was almost cooked through, I carefully flipped it to get the top a little crusty.

Corns on the Cob

Ten pieces of corn for $4.00? You bet. My mom suggested sticking them in the oven – husks and all – to roast them. Easiest decision I made all weekend. They came out perfect. We ate them with a chili lime butter I made up. Delicious.

peach pie, before baking

I really wanted to make a kick-ass fruit pie. Unfortunately, my crust wasn’t cooperating. I still feel good with the end product especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.


So there you have it. Weekend of food, love and summer. Summer, summer, summer! So glad you are here!!

And as a bonus for those who made it all the way through this length post – here’s video of Nate’s toy helicopter.


Photo Sources: nut*meg, thewrittengeek, stevendepolo, Todd Allison, cstein96 and elisbrown.

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