Best of May

My monthly feature documenting life moments that might not otherwise make it onto our blog. Here are four of my favorite memories & one regret of May.


Nine years

Andrea and Nate - Chaperoning Junior Prom

Amazing to think nine years ago this month, Nate and I went on our first date. We met online over our love of music, movies and sarcasm.

He picked me up in his Alfa Romeo convertible with my house mates watching from the window. We went thrift shopping and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. The rest is history. XOXO


Butchering 101

Butchering 101

Yes, I am a vegetarian. Yes, I cook meat for Nate and others. I plan on doing a whole post on what I learned from this class, but it was great. I love learning from master craftsmen.


Farm box

Farm Box Arrival

With all this wet weather, I have been unable to make it to a single farmers market this month. It rains every time I attempt it! Luckily, I’ve been getting farm boxes this month to supplement. 🙂

All about the BBC. Sherlock and MI-5


This weather has also allowed me to catch up with my Netflix account. Nate and I have enjoyed watching a lot of BBC shows this month.

First is the modern day Sherlock Holmes miniseries called Sherlock. There are three episodes in the first season. I highly recommend it if you like mystery crime shows. New season starts this fall in England. It should hopefully follow on PBS soon after.


Second, is the BBC’s MI-5 (or Spooks in the UK). This show has been on since 2002 and is well worth the time investment to watch all 10 seasons. I think we are half way through the series and I am still amazed with all the twist and turns. Plus the fictional British view of their own domestic and international politics is really interesting.

Losing Aggie


We lost our remaining senior fur-lady last Monday. I had just gotten home from visiting her and my parents when I got the call. She had passed away in the garden moments before.

Aggie was almost seventeen. We adopted her when she was only three weeks old. She was a very petite cat with beautiful coloring. As she got older, she definitely has some spunk, but when evening came she always wanted a lap to sleep on.

She was named after the Agapanthus plant because we thought it sounded cool. Aga (for her agate like coloring) + Panthus (sounds like Panther). Of course we just called her Aggie (or Agita or Ageena).

One of my favorite quirks about Aggie was if you called her by name (or even a nickname) she’s whip her tail. This would even happen if she was sleeping which just fascinated me. I’d do it to her all the time.

We think she had some Siamese in her. She had their characteristic voice that she’s use to let us know it was time for her to eat or let her outside.

Regardless of her quirks, she was a really sweet and gentle kitty. I loved her very much. I am glad she died peacefully in the garden she loved. She will be greatly missed.

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