New tool: a drill mixer attachment

I have one rule I follow while shopping at the home improvement store.

Do not buy tools or materials that will not be used for the current project.

Otherwise, I’d be picking up every new fangled tool I come across and I just don’t have the budget for that.


A drill mixer attachment has been on my wish list for quite some time, but I was not going to spend the five dollars on it unless I had a use.


So when I needed to use some old house paint that had separated, I finally had a reason to go buy a mixer. Yahoo!

I purchased the Husky All Steel Spiral Mixer. It can mix up to a five gallon container of which seemed more practical than buying the half gallon size. Not only will it mix up paint, it also will come in hand for all our future concrete work.


After attaching the mixer to the drill just insert it into the paint and let the drill do the work. Trust me. It’s so much easier than using a paint stick on separated paint. I already tried that and it didn’t work out well.


30 seconds later….Voilà! Paint’s ready to go.


Now I can paint under our doors and windows along the porch to match the rest of the exterior. Success!

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