Memorable moments of April

A new feature of sorts. I want to begin to document life moments that might not otherwise make it onto our blog. So here are four of my favorite memories & one regret of April.


Easter Sunday

Moses and Andrea

This year, the Easter holiday marked the first anniversary of my Grandma’s death. My family congregated at my Uncle Terry’s – the same place we were when we received the news of her passing last year. Although the day was bittersweet, I knew Grandma would be so excited the family was together celebrating the holiday. So that’s what we did. 🙂

Another highlight of the day was seeing how happy my little cousin Moses was after realizing he is now officially taller than me. (Let’s not tell him that at 5’2″, most people are taller than me. ) It’s an important landmark for him so we made sure to document it with a photo.


Eagle Cam


Watching the eagle family grow from this last month has been so much fun. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should.


The End of Mustache March


Now don’t get me wrong. I love that Nate is brave enough to sport a mustache every March. It is not for the weak. BUT that doesn’t mean I am in love with the actual stache he sports all month. So thank you April for coming right after March so Nate can begin to grow a goatee back.


A Royal Wedding

Watching the Royal Wedding 3

I will happily admit that I got up at 2:30am on April 22 to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton live.

Royal Wedding watching

Although, I really wasn’t interested in the entire media bonanza surrounding the event, I loved the pageantry of the actual ceremony. It was beautiful and well worth the effort of getting up to watch!


Hand Wound

Hand update

Cutting my hand was by far the lowest part of the month. You can see from the photo, it has healed up quite nicely once I got the stitches out. Again, I count my blessings for not doing any serious damage to my hand. I am very, very lucky.


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    My mom and I are both 5’2″ and almost everyone in our family is taller than we are. My mom was famous for exclaiming “I’m not that tall so being taller than me is not a huge feat” when her seven siblings passed her up 🙂

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