Planting Seeds

summer_ 020

I love vegetable gardens for so many reasons. Watching plants grow from seedlings. Exploring the ecosystem surrounding the garden. The smell of tomato plants when you touch them. And of course harvesting the vegetables.

I even love watering the plants before work and then checking on them when I get home.

summer_ 023

First summer in the house, I planted vegetables in the backyard as soon as we moved in. It was a late planting but I didn’t care. I had a decent crop with transplanted plants, but the yard didn’t get enough sun to replant the veggies there the following year.

Veg Garden

So I moved the veg garden to the side of our house. Unfortunately it was another bust. This was worst than the first year. Not enough sun caused fungi and nastiness on most of the plants.


And now this year our backyard is a mess. We’ve killed off half of it for a new patio we will be installing soon. The rest is still too shady, but I still want vegetables. So, I have decided to go with a container garden next to the pool. We think this is the one place in the backyard that gets eight hours of sun. So fingers crossed.


In the containers, I planted Spring varieties like lettuce, chard, radishes, carrots and sweet peas. I also have a pot of cat grass for the kitties.


Inside I started herbs from seed that will be transplanted once they are big enough. I got oregano, basil, cilantro and sage so far. I can’t believe I already have a few starts.

Once the temperatures rise, I’ll start a new crop of tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. Those guys will be transplants since I didn’t start the seeds early enough this year.

Anyone else starting their vegetable garden? What are you planting?

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