Painting MVP


Remember that weekend before Bath Crashers premiered? The one that Nate and I decided to spend repainting the master suite for our premier party?

Well this little tool was the MVP of the weekend.

Not only did the Shur Line Pro Edger save us precious time, but also neutralized a big fight between Nate and I. You see when it comes to painting trim – Nate is a perfectionist while I am more a free spirit.

This tool stopped Nate from spending countless hours taping up the trim. And this tool stopped me from upsetting him by winging it and going freehand.

Shur-Line Pro

How it works

The Shur-Line is basically a paint pad with wheels. You coat the removable pad with paint and then place it against the edge (ceiling/baseboards/molding) you are painting so that the wheels guide the device along the edge. Not only to the wheels act as a guide, but they also evenly space the paint so you get an exact edge. This came in very handy on our uneven ceiling. Instead of noticing the the uneven plaster, you just see a nice, even line.

Want to see it in action? Here’s a YouTube video I found.

I have read a few negative reviews online about this, but I think the frustration is due to application technique. On our project, I would say it took a couple tries before I got the application right, but I had nothing to lose (but time) so I kept working with it. After than, it went fast.

I found that it worked best when you didn’t load the pad with too much paint. Also, make sure to keep the wheels and sides clean.

What would have taken us 3-4 hours to accomplish with tape (because we all know I would have let Nate win the argument) took less than an hour with the Shur Line Pro Edger.

So for less than $5 this little tool will be staying in our paint supplies for years to come. I just wish I had tried it sooner! Imagine how much money we would have saved on blue painters tape!


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