Our mailbox looks good


I caught myself saying the title of this post as I drove to work this morning. Boy am I a dork. But our new mailbox really does look fabulous.

Mailbox Comparison

Here’s a comparison shot of the old vs. new mailboxes. There is certainly a difference in size. Is this a reflection of how mail has changed in format since 1952? I really don’t know the answer to that, but it does make me wonder.


After removing the old mailbox, Nate and I decided where to hang the new one.


With concrete block construction, it is much easier to drill into the mortar than the actual block. After we picked the proper alignment, Nate drilled holes and then we installed the mailbox.


The mailbox came with an optional privacy screen. Here’s with the privacy screen – kinda blah, but I am sure it necessary for some homes and apartments.


And here’s the mailbox without it – much better! We decided to leave it out to show off the decoration since we were not too worried about people taking our mail.


So there you go. A few more projects and I think we may have a kick-ass front entry on our hands. Watch out!

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