Working with the weather: painting the hallway cabinets

Pixel looking at the rain

I had high expectations to finish our hallway project over the weekend. We got loads of painting completed, but are not quite done yet.

Painting cabinet doors

On Saturday, Nate began working on the cabinet doors outside on the porch while I continued in the the hallway.


Nate painting cabinets

He removed all the hardware then sanded them before applying oil based primer.

Painting Hallway

I finished up the wall paint and worked on the trim. We made some good headway before packing up for the day.

Spray painting mirror

I even spray painted my little thrift store mirror with some green spray paint I had on hand.

Rainy day

Then it rained all day Sunday.

Painting inside due to rain

So all the projects were continued indoors.

Painting Indoors

A little inconvenience, but we are still puttering along.

Andrea Self Portrait

The goal is to finish this week!

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