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Today’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Everyone’s wearing green. You can smell corned beef and cabbage in the air. And the beer will be flowing all day in celebration.

I grew up in a catholic family. We loved celebrating St. Patty’s Day and we loved beer.

I learned to appreciate beer in many different forms growing up around it. As I got older, I tried all kinds and developed a real love for the taste. My only real complaint with the beverage is the weight it puts on my waistline.

I have a lot of favorite beers, but only one favorite bottle.

Red Stripe Beer

Red Stripe Lager.

Yes, the beer made in Jamaica. I just love the stubby brown bottle and painted label.

And you know the funny thing given its St. Patty’s Day and all? Red Stripe was acquired by Guinness Brewing Worldwide in the 90s so even it has a little Irish blood!

I have been looking for a Red Stripe good poster for years. I was browsing ebay a few weeks back and found this for $5.99.

Red Stripe Poster

You can imagine my excitement. It’s the perfect poster. A simple and modern representation of this classic bottle.

It’s going up in my office for now so I can appreciate it’s clean shape every day while running on my treadmill. I know there’s a bit of irony in that statement. Running and looking at beer… but maybe that’s why it’s the perfect motivation. 😉

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