Weekend fun: Painting plywood cabinets

Project Table

It was another rainy weekend in the neighborhood. I spent a lot of it working on inside home projects. Nate set up a handy station for me inside so I didn’t have to trek out to the shed to get supplies.

One of my goals was to work on my office, but that turned into a slightly bigger project of painting our mini hallway.

Hallway - Door to my office

We have this dingy hallway that connects Nate’s office, my office, prison bathroom and the dining area.

Door to Prison Bathroom

Its dingy and dreary.

Linen Closet

It also holds our linen cabinet.

Office Door - First Coat

I was planning on painting my office door and it made sense to tackle the whole mini hallway at the same time. (That’s coat number one above.)

Closeup of Cabinet Handle

The doors and cabinets in the hallway are all this funky stained plywood that also happens to be super dirty.

Closeup of Plywood

The plywood sucks up primer like no one’s business.


So I painted coat and after coat of primer.


Currently, we are on coat number three. I’ll see how it looks when I get home from the office tonight. If it looks solid, I’ll move to color.


The hallway will be painted the same Twilight Gray as our front room and dining room. All trim, doors and cabinets will be Frost semi-gloss. My thrift store mirror will also get another coat of paint. Not sure what color yet, but something with a punch.


Loki watched me from his makeshift cat nest.


He looked annoyed either at me for making noise or his sister for stealing his bed. Soon, the room will be done and Loki can go back to quiet cat bliss. I promise.


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