More inspiration from Maui

Random Andrea Fact – I love Shepard Fairey’s work. I am lucky enough to have a limited edition print of the second Obama “Change” poster Fairey released. I purchased it before the 2008 election and it will soon be framed and hanging in my office at work.


So you can imagine my happiness to see a whole collection of Fairey’s prints featured at Star Noodle, a local noodle spot we had New Year’s Eve dinner at in Maui.

Here’s a really bad picture of the interior decor. To my defense, it was NYE so please understand I was not paying attention to detail.

iphone010711 220

In the far back right corner you can see the “Make Art, Not War” Fairey print. It is one of my favorites and would probably be my next choice to purchase.


Star Noodle has fabulous food. If you are ever visiting the island I highly recommend it.

Besides my uber-excitement of seeing the Fairey prints, I also thought they worked seamlessly with Star Noodle’s utilitarian decor.

But then I saw the bathroom with its awesome barn door and a momentarily forgot about anything else. I normally don’t take my phone with me to the restroom, but I made a special trip just to take a few photos.

iphone010711 217

Here’s the sink and vanity. Love the use of pebbles on the vanity wall and the extra large mirrors.

Star Noodle Barn Door

But here’s the best part! The barn door.

iphone010711 219

and…the barn door opened. Look at the great hardware! I thought it was a unexpected detail in the very modern, urban space.

Recently, I seem to see barn doors popping up all over the internet, but I am giving props to Star Noodle for this awesome and unexpected element.

Now, one more thing about Shepard Fairey.

Since I got back from Maui, Nate and I watched the Academy Award nominated Exit through the Gift Shop which highlights Fairey’s work along with other street artists.

It’s a rather amusing look at street art. You should check it out. It’s currently available on Netflix Instant Watch if you are a subscriber. Here’s the trailer.

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