Our Prison Bath

Prison Bathroom - pedestal sink and toilet

I have not written much about our guest bathroom.

There isn’t much right with the room besides its a rather nice size.

Here’s a list of it’s current attributes:

  • Shiny pepto pink walls and ceiling
  • Maroon and tan tile on shower and bath
  • Linoleum floor
  • Separate bath and shower
  • Pedestal sink
  • Original fixtures
  • Small clearance between shower and sink
  • 4 towel racks
  • Only 1 electrical plug on wall opposite sink
  • Original shelf over toilet

It was christened the prison bath by a close friend who took the pink walls to look like.. well.. a prison. The name just stuck. It was a perfect description of this special place.

At first, Nate and I thought it should be the last room we redo in the house as a memory of how far we have come. But as time goes by and we have actually spent more time with it, I think we both have reconsidered.

Prison Bathroom - View of the shower

Short Term Goals

We know we don’t have a clear plan yet on how to utilize the space. We have a lot to consider. Do we want to get rid of the shower? Move the toilet?

For the time being the plan is to do a quick update.

Prison Bathroom - facing the front of the house.

Paint, Paint, Paint

I want to paint the walls and ceiling white. That alone should make a huge difference.

Prison Bathroom - Back of the door

Remove the clutter

Do we really need safety bars over the bath? Four towel racks, really? I think removing the clutter will make a huge improvement.

Prison Bathroom - Sink

The sink faucet does not work well. The knobs have to be turned almost 360 degrees to get water flowing. The shower leaks. I am almost positive its just worn out. I could replace parts versus buying a new fixture. I need to spend some time weighing my options.

Prison Bathroom - Floor

So, that’s the game plan right now is to freshen up the space and improve what’s already there. No demo or major purchases.

I can’t wait to attacking it with white paint. It’s going to be incredible.

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