Easy Decorating: Spring Bulbs


One of my New Year’s Resolutions for our home is to keep my decorating simple this year. One of the ways I am accomplishing this is adding flowering plants around my house all year long.  For me this is much easier than having fresh cut flowers all the time. I can save the flowers for special occasions.


With Spring a few months away, I decided to start with forcing spring bulbs.  I planted hyacinths bulbs mid December in Liberty of London for Target nesting bowls I bought last year with a little potting soil. I like using objects like the nesting bowls that I already have on hand. It makes it more personal and then there is one less thing I have to buy.

One tip – If you use a bowl or object without a drainage hole, make sure to add pebbles, broken crockery, or something similar at the bottom of the bowl to allow for drainage.


The hyacinths are just starting to push out of the bulbs. I plan on planting more varieties of spring bulbs this coming weekend to keep the blooms coming.  Bulbs can be bought at your local gardening center. Prices range from $2-8 depending on variety and quantity.

Maintenance is easy. Just keep the soil moist and deadhead flowers, but here’s a link to some great info about forcing bulbs.

When my hyacinths bloom they will hopefully look like this. I can’t wait.

Photo – Cindy

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