Let the recap begin!

Its been a VERY busy few months for me and Nate. Lot of family stuff plus I had a chaotic election season (Vote June 8!) and Nate’s been in the thralls of school.

Any spare moment we were not at the office, we found time to get a few things done on the house. So let’s start with five big projects in our backyard.

1. Removing the Planters

Slowly, Nate and I have been removing the concrete planters along the back fence. It has required a great deal of patience and hard work to remove all the old growth and transport wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow of dirt to other places in the yard.

Nate also tackled the persimmon stump.

2. Corner Bed

Some of the dirt made its way into my new corner bed. Earlier I posted about my transplanted hydrangeas. I actually ended up moving them a second time, but this is there final destination!

I also transplanted some other plants in the backyard including our Pineapple and Mexican Sage. They are already doing quite well.

3. To the Dump

Nate took two trips to the dump disposing the old solar panels from the roof, the pool heater, the fiberglass sheeting on our patio, a concrete border from the front porch and countless other junk-able items. I’ll recap the removal of the fiberglass and concrete border in a separate post.

4. The Pool Equipment

Well, you may remember that Dad and I took out that nasty pool heater awhile back. Well soon after, we hired a local service to keep the chemicals in check. Leave it to the expert to find a “leak” in our system.

Basically, the equipment was super old and not doing a very good job. We made the decision to install new equipment that would be more efficient, quieter and effective.

Since the new equipment has been installed, our pool has been crystal clear so I think it was well worth it!

5. Light Fixtures

I was really happy to exchange the old spotlights on the back porch with new metal light fixtures. I was pleased that I was able to do the whole project by myself with no problems. It was a perfect project for a Sunday afternoon.

All these little improvements continue to make this house ours. I am really excited to share our vision of the completed backyard with you in the near future.

We'd love to hear what you think!