Tomato, Okra and Chard – Oh my!

All spring, my goal was to get my veg garden in. It was my #1 priority.

I first got rid of all the plants, weeds and rocks. Nate was a dear and helped my clear it all out.

I drew out my plan – three long beds with mulched space between.

Then I double dug the dirt about 1 foot or 2 deep along the entire length and added about 2-4 inches of dirt to each bed.

I installed 4 pots to give the garden some depth and then I began to plant.

The first bed (closest to the backyard) was planted with two rows of golden chard, marigolds, alyssum, a serrano pepper and a pot filled with apple mint, lemon balm and 1 eggplant.

The middle bed (the longest of the three) holds a small terra cotta pot planted with thyme, thai basil and alyssum plus two tomato plants, sweet basil, purple basil, 2 cilantro plants, two rows of okra and two cucumbers. I also planted more cilantro seeds so I would have the plants staggered a little.

The final bed was planted with purple bush beans, parsley and more basil seed, nasturtiums, alyssum and arugula. Another terra cotta pot holds two types of sage and more alyssum.

I also put a pot in front of my gas meter. It holds a second eggplant and mint.

The concrete bed that wraps around the house, holds to rows of lettuce.

I plan on planting two more tomatoes in pots for the backyard. I am still a little concerned that the tomatoes along the side garden will get enough sun.

We'd love to hear what you think!