Fun with Dad

Nate was out of town this weekend at a bachelor’s party but that didn’t stop me from getting some projects done!

I had thought ahead and called my dad to see if he would be willing to help me take out the old, decrepit gas water heater for the pool. I was thrilled when he said he could help! I really needed help to disentangle it from pool pump.

Here’s the monstrosity.

And here is the jungle-gym of pipes to and from the pump. The original pool setup had both a gas water heater and solar panels on the roof. Neither work anymore so we are taking out both.

Luckily the gas had already been disconnected from the heater, so all we had to do was disconnect the pipes from the heater and then redirect the water outflow from the pump with new pipes.

So the pipes were disconnected.

And then new PVC pipe was added to redirect the outflow from the pump back to the pool.

Next the pipes going to the solar panels on the roof were disconnected. Nate is going to remove the panels next week during his spring break.

Poor Dad had to deal with a little excess water in the pipes.

After everything was disconnected we pushed the heater on its side so it could drain and be ready to be moved next week.

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