A full weekend

My main goal was to transplant as many bulbs from the front and back garden as I could since we will be rototilling up most of the backyard and the side yard.

I started with the irises along the back of the house and side yard. They were all moved to the bed next to the carport.

Next, I moved to the front yard and dug up the sparaxis and freesias.

I am not sure how the bulbs are going to do. I have noticed some of the transplants have wilted, but unfortunately their wasn’t another way to do it.

I also transplanted a Cleveland sage that was growing haphazardly between the roses in the front yard. It has also wilted, but I hope it will come back strong. From what I have read about the plant, they like deep waterings spread far apart so I am just going to let this guy alone for awhile.

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