The sun made an appearance this weekend.  It was a fantastic opportunity between rain storms to get outside and do some manual labor like cutting down two fruit trees!

It started out innocently enough. I asked Nate to help me measure the spot for my new and improved veg garden.

While we were outside we realized the plum tree in the middle of the new veg garden had begun to bud. I really wanted to remove the tree before it sprung to life, so Nate and I took the initiate and cut it down.

Well actually we cut off all the branches and now have a long stump to remove.

Next we turned our attention to the persimmon tree. It was planted in the most unfortunate spot – in a concrete planter bed over the pool.

Nate cut it down and then we slowly cut it into smaller, more manageable pieces so we can dispose of them.

I am hoping to start to move the branches to the curb tonight before it rains again. The days are finally beginning to lengthen and I am able to get home from work before it’s dark.

Disclaimer – Nate and I feel very bad about chopping down these trees. Hopefully we can compensate for their loss with new trees at a later date.

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