Great Room Reveal

The great room

Here’s a more detailed first look at the great room.

We still need some key items like a rug, but just haven’t found the right one yet.

At our two days before Christmas IKEA trip, we bought two pieces for the great room. The Besta Burs TV Stand and the Malm Dressing Table (pictures forthcoming).

We have a few headaches with each.

The Besta TV unit stand takes TIME to put together.

Nate worked uninterrupted on it for six hours or so. Let me just say the hours were full of expletives and throwing screwdrivers so please be forewarned. BUT, and I say but in bold uppercase letters for a reason people, the piece is beautiful.

We bought the Malm Dressing Table to put along the back of the sofa. Unfortunately, the back of the table is exposed particle board so it didn’t work behind the sofa. We instead put it along the back wall between the cabinets and sliding glass doors. Luckily it fit.   It does annoy me that the back isn’t finished, but we didn’t have enought time to take it back before the holidays so it stayed.

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