Finally the Couch Reveal

The great room

I wrote about the purchase of our new couch in the beginning of December, but not the actual install.

The couch arrived on a rainy Saturday morning as we were beginning to paint the great room with one small hiccup – no ottoman.

The couch I bought comes with a floating chair lounge which in essence is a long chaise cushion supported by the ottoman underneath it. No ottoman meant no chaise lounge which in turn meant no couch.

Unfortunately, after calling Macy’s and getting the ottoman delivery the following Friday, the excitement of the couch had worn off.

We covered it in blankets and continued to paint the room. The kitties found it an awesome place for an afternoon nap.

The following Friday the ottoman was delivered with no problems. I was giddy to see it finally put together.

Comfy on the Couch

Now after a few weeks of use, I have to say I am in love. The chaise is a great place to curl up. (I have already spent a couple evenings napping on it.)

The microfiber seems like its going to hold up great. We had a weird stain on it this week, so I pulled out the Worry Free Fabic Cleaner and whatever it was came off without a beat.

Fingers crossed – but I am very happy with the purchase.

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