We went vintage with the purple

I can’t believe it is two weeks until Christmas.  There is still so much to do in such a short amount of time. I just need to stay focused and get as much done this weekend as I can without panicking!

Last night I stopped by my local home improvement superstore for two gallons of paint for the great room.  When I got home, I ate a quick dinner so I could get the new color up on the walls and see how it looked!

I went big with the color. Not a soft purple but a big bold Behr Vintage Purple.

Taking the leap of faith with the color was invigorating. With the size of the room, the amount of light we get and the ratio of wall to windows/cabinets – we knew we could go crazy with the color of the walls and get away with it!

I was only able to paint the small half wall between the washer & dryer cabinet and the couch, but it looked great. It adds so much depth and interest to the previously clinically white room.

I plan on getting up early tomorrow to paint as much as I can before our couch arrives. Nate has school stuff to do most of the weekend – so I am just going to do as much as I can solo.

Hopefully the parents will stop by and maybe help?! 🙂

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