A very satisfying weekend: painting starts on the house

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend turned out to be a great time to work on the house. (I know, I know… that’s really not a big surprise to anyone.)

I arrived home late afternoon on Wednesday to find the house almost completely green.

I also found my uncle Terry sporting our chopped celery color all over himself from using the paint sprayer. He is such a good sport to help us out. I don’t think we could have done half the paint job without him.

On Turkey Day, Nate felt horrible and slept most of the day before we went to Thanksgiving dinner at his brother’s home.

I continued to paint the back porch per Terry’s instructions.

I also tested the adhesive remover on the kitchen floor. It worked great and I am very excited to work on the rest of floor.

Black Friday was cold, windy and rainy so we couldn’t work on the exterior. Nate and I went and bought more paint, trim and a new porch light.

Then Nate raked and mowed the front yard while I filled and then sanded the trim around the windows and front door. After I cleaned up all the sanding debris, I painted the first coat of trim.

Saturday was my family’s Thanksgiving celebration so we didn’t work on the house BUT early Sunday morning Terry came over to get the rest of the house sprayed while I continued to work on the back porch.

My parents stopped by later in the afternoon and helped me install the front porch light. (I’ll write more about that later.)

Overall, I feel like we accomplished a lot and I am still very hopefully to get our to-do list all checked off before Christmas.

This week I plan on finishing the trim in the front room and around the windows plus taking off the first layer of glue in the kitchen.

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