Uprooting the camellias

092809_ 040

This Saturday, the weather forecast was 104°. Sanding the remaining fascia boards would just have to wait for a cooler day.

Instead, Nate and I decided to focus on removing the bushes along the front of the house in preparation for the big paint job.

I tied ribbons on all the plants that will be transplanted to the back yard.  I am transplanting 3 hydrangeas, 2 viburnums, 3 bergenias and a cleveland sage to the back. I am leaving a weigela on the side yard as well as a bunch of ornamental ginger. I know most of these plants are considered old fashioned, but I think I can mix the right amount of modern in to make it work.

092809_ 030

Nate started by tearing out all the lilies under the dogwood. I think he found about 300 snails in the process. We now have a big dirt patch around the tree, but hope that it will fill in with grass.

092809_ 013

As we worked, the cats were playing on the roof. All of a sudden, we heard a loud thud and saw Loki on the roof of my car. Apparently he though jumping from the roof to the car was a lot easier then climbing down? I grabbed him and put him in the back yard and then in about 10 more minutes we hear another thud. We quickly realized it was time to put the cats inside or we would never get anything accomplished.

092809_ 032

Our friend Joe came over to help Nate remove all the camellia bushes. It went pretty smoothly although we lost two shovel handles in the process.

It finally feels like the house is making progress. I can’t wait to decide on the final color and get painting.

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  1. […] We removed or are transplanting the bushes along the front and side of the house. Unfortunately, they were just too tall and covered the windows. We want to have something that only grows only 1-3 feet tall and potentially hangs over the planter. […]

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