Our Big Backyard


Over the weekend, tackling the overgrown backyard became my first real project at the house.

I needed to be able to transplant my vegetables to the backyard this week, so getting rid of the unwanted shrubs and overgrown trees became a top priority.

I was a little nervous to take on this project by myself. I didn’t want to hurt any of the plants nor myself.  So lucky for me, my lovely parents came over with the necessary equipment and knowledge to cut down all the offensive foliage.

I don’t think I realized how much needed to be done before we started. The whole backyard basically needed a haircut.

Beyond the pool the side yard was completely shaded by one gigantic branch from the neighbor’s yard. The poor plants beneath it were stunted for growth by the lack of sunlight.  All the camellia bushes along the back fence needed to be topped and shaped to allow then to bush next year.

Around the patio, all the fruit trees were overgrown and scraggly.  Cleaning up the dead growth and eye poking branches made the trees look so much better.

The project was very successful. There is still more to do – but this was a great start.

Over the next few days I get to drag all the cut greenery to the street so that it can be taken away by the city, but then it’s off to veg planting!

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