Have you seen me before?

Meet our wood burning stove.

House_ 044

I really like it. It has nice clean lines and may be an original feature of the house.

Unfortunately, its a fire hazard.  The chimney is located a little too close to the power lines on the roof.

The plan is to remove it. Question is do we relocate, sell or give it away?

I spent a couple hours researching  Jøtul stoves and the Jøtul NR 150 model online, but found nothing helpful.

House_ 043

So, I emailed the manufacturer to see if they could tell me more about the stove.  I received a very nice reply from the National Sales Manager.

“In my 15 years with Jøtul North America I have come across a ton of older Jøtul models.  NR 150 isn’t one of them.”

He went on to tell me that he would look through the company’s archives to see if he could find the model.

So for the time being, our little guy is without an identity. Hopefully the mystery will be solved soon. I really want to make an educated decision about his future.

Stay tuned.


  1. Les says


    We live in Australia and we have a Jotul NR150. We love it but we are looking for parts as the flue connection is broken at the back of the stove. Have you had any luck finding details for your stove? If so we’d love to know. Thanks, Les & Ann in “Oz”

    • says

      Les – There were not able to find the model here in the US. I suggest calling or emailing Jotul.

      Here’s the contact info from their website.

      Pecan Engineering Pty Ltd
      13 Acorn Road
      Dry Creek
      South Australia, 5094
      Phone: +61 8 8349 8332
      Fax: +61 8 8260 6643

  2. db says

    I just found one just like this in a thrift store in Glendale, CA. It is brand new…never fired. I can’t find any info either. I went to a fireplace shop that carries Jotul and they had no idea. It must be pretty old.


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