Cleaning & Painting the Kitchen

House_ 081

If there is one room in the house that needed a deep cleaning its certainly the kitchen.

My painting skills are beginner to intermediate at best, but one thing I do know is how important it is to clean and prep before painting.

I spent a big chunk of my Saturday doing just that.

I pulled out two cupfuls of nails, screws and hooks. I cleaned all the surfaced with TSP. Then I taped up the molding and windows –  I don’t trust myself to paint along edges with a brush (called “cutting in”) correctly.

Finally, I got to priming the cabinets and walls. I finished priming half the cabinets, drawers and walls and decided to called it a night. I was completely covered with paint and grime and desperately needed a shower.

Sunday during our trip to the home improvement store,  Nate and I decided on Behr Frost as our base color for the kitchen. It’s a basic blue based neutral. We want to keep the interior as light and cool as possible.

The plan is to paint the whole kitchen this color and then if its too much white I will go back with a different wall color.

The rest of the day I continued to paint. My parents stopped by to help out.

I learned a valuable tip from my mom. She suggested that I should invest in tapered brushes for cutting in the molding and also brushes and rollers with thinner handles. We both have small hands and the thinner handles be easier for me to work with. I plan on taking her advice as my hands are killing me!

Kitchen - Painting

I hope to finish painting tonight. I still have half the kitchen to paint with the semigloss. Fingers crossed I get it all done!!

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