House Painted

Nate in front of the house

We have been on a list to get our house painted since February. After a couple of months of waiting, I was convinced the house wouldn’t be painted until August. But then we got the phone call two weeks ago on a Thursday saying they could start the next day. Although it was a quick turnaround, Nate had just finished cleaning up the side of the house so we were basically ready to go.

Soffits Painting: Before and After

At first we only wanted the new fascia and soffits painted, but we found that getting the whole house painted wasn’t much more moola. So we decided to for it. Our biggest concern was getting a new coat of paint on the fascia and other new wood from the roof remodel. Most was primed but it was still looking haggard.

Prepping the back porch for paint

It took the crew about a week to prep and paint the house. We had a lot of rough areas that needed to be addressed and trim work.

Swiss Coffee Trim

I am very pleased with our decision to go with white fascia and trim. It brings more contrast to our flat roof line and nicely highlights those expensive new fascia boards. The actual color we picked is actually an off-white called Swiss Mocha. When the painter suggested it, I was a little skeptical. He painted some test spots for me and I soon realized that not only does this color match our windows and doors better, but because it has a little pigment it actually looks better and covers the wood better as well. From a distance, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from the bright white we used before.

House Paint Colors

House Color: Kelly Moore Chopped Celery Satin
Trim: Behr Swiss Coffee Semi Gloss
Flower Boxes: Behr Stone Fence Satin

I was reviewing my early blog entries about painting of the house and realized I never talked about the final colors. In fact, I couldn’t find the name of the grey we used anywhere. This turned into an issue when we were trying to match them for this paint job. Funny how the blog becomes my external memory source for future projects, but it is so true and probably one of my favorite things about documenting our progress.

Painted flower boxes

The painter found a similar grey to go with. It’s not an exact match, but I didn’t have any issue with that since it was only used to cover the flower beds.

Front of house painted

The house looks so great. I am really pleased with the final look. Now that the painting is done, I’d like to finally put in a few tomato plants and fix up the front flower beds. It’s going to be a long summer for us with the baby so it will be fun to tinker around. Of course, anything I plant will be drought tolerant given California’s current situation.

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 37 & 38

Pregnancy Week 37-38

Last week we unexpectedly got our house painted (more on that tomorrow) and it threw my whole schedule off a little. I am still feeling pretty good and baby is putting on weight like no one’s business.


  • Baby grew 1 1/2 lbs in two weeks.
  • I love swimming anytime, but during pregnancy it is incredibly awesome!
  • We got the house painted before the baby comes.
  • I made it to Alice and Scott’s wedding.
  • I finished my friend Robin’s website.
  • I finally got the hospital bag packed.
  • I decided on how to document baby’s growth over the first year.
  • Feline Friday: Baby massage

    Feline Friday: Baby massage

    One of the cutest things Loki has done since I’ve been pregnant is sit facing me and massage my belly. Yes, those claws hurt a little on my stretched skin, but it’s so adorable and sweet. I think he’s going to be a good kitty guardian for the wee one.

    Our Improved Laundry Closet


    I’ve never talked much about our laundry area before on the blog. Our washing machine, dryer and water heater sit behind pocket doors in the back of the great room with a storage cabinet above them. Here’s a photo of the area before we moved in.


    We replaced this water heater (along with a second one on the other side of the house) with a tankless model during Project Roof. Not only did we gain efficiency in changing out the old water heaters, but we also gained two new storage areas with their removal. Today I wanted to talk about the laundry area since Nate’s been working hard to finish it.

    Laundry Area with Drywall

    We gained quite a few feet of space next to our dryer and decided to add additional shelving along the top and then store other items in the bottom half.

    Laundry shelves

    Nate cut and installed two shelves along the top to match the shelving in our existing cabinets. These guys are nice deep corner shelves. Since the shelving is along cinder-block, Nate attached the supports with anchor screws that drill into the block very nicely and are incredibly strong.

    Laundry Area Shelves: Painted

    Then he painted the whole area. I don’t think we ever painted in the closet before so once painted the whole area looked so nice and clean. The new shelves now blend into the cabinets nicely. I have convinced Nate to leave the cabinet doors off because I like the look so much. The shelves are also quite high so we can fit all those tall articles like the ironing board, vacuum and golf clubs under with ease.


    Here’s a look at the cabinets from another angle with our washer and dryer. We got both second-hand when we moved in six (!!) years ago and they are going strong. When they eventually break, I am sure we will replace them with more efficient models, but we are happy to use these as long as they hold out.


    Before putting all our stuff back, Nate went through all our house supplies we stored in the cabinets and actually organized them.

    Laundry Area: reorganized

    Now we have all the supplies arranged by task or category.

    Laundry Area: After

    We also have room to store paper products and our handy orange toolbox and cordless drill.

    Laundry Room: After

    I love the final look. Everything is so nicely organized and a pleasure to look at. The new shelves give us so much more space. So big props to Nate for doing such a great job. He is slowly converting me into an orderly person and I think I like it.